Brazing Bond Strength & Measurement Machines

Improve your quality inspection process with the Gerling line of Quality Control and Measuring machines. 

Quality control is required after brazing to ensure that the saw blade tip is brazed correctly to the tooth (positioned in the middle, at the correct hook angle, with a continuous solder seam).  

For visual assistance, our multimedia gallery provides videos of Gerling Quality Control and Measuring Machines in action.

Brazing Bond Strength Measuring Unit GLFPE

Brazing Bond Strength Measuring Unit GLFPE

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  • Force sensor with high precision for repeatable measuring results
  • Easy set-up for various saw blade geometries
  • Precise saw blade support


  • Diam. of saw blades: 100 - 800 mm
  • Rake angle: -30° - +35°
  • Tip width: 0.5 - 16 mm

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