Saw Brazing Machines

Brazing creates a metallurgical bond between filler metals and the surfaces of the two metals that are being joined.  Brazing is much stronger than soldering, and unlike many other production processes, it is ideal for joining dissimilar materials. Brazing is a versatile joining method that produces a permanent, strong, leak-proof joint.

Advantages of a brazing machine vs. using a torch:

  • Eliminates overheating of the saw tip or saw body by providing a consistent brazing temperature
  • Eliminates chill lines or broken shoulders (directly after brazing the saw body, the shoulder is automatically annealed directly behind the tip)
  • Eliminates the need for pre-fluxing of the saw bodies (automatic sorting and preparation of the tips, which includes placing of flux, cutting of the shim, and application of additional flux)
  • Eliminates the need to purchase pre-tinned tips (a flat solder shim, either silver or tri-shim, is automatically cut and bent around the tip)
  • Allows for thinner kerf tips and less side grinding due to center positioning of the tip within .001" (substantial cost savings)

For visual assistance, our multimedia gallery provides videos of Gerling Automatic Surface Grinding Machines in action.

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