Gerling Automation


Gerling Automation GmbH specializes in the design, manufacture and worldwide distribution of systems for toolmaking, primarily in the woodworking industry, and has developed a niche in special purpose machines.

Gerling’s line of machinery provides brazing, surface grinding, polishing, roll tensioning, shot blasting and quality control systems.

These systems are used for the production of carbide and diamond tipped circular saws and belt saws, carbide tipped pin drills and routers, and diamond tipped stone saws and circular knives. Gerling’s state-of-the-art equipment enables them to meet the most complex requirements and to do so with reliability and speed.

The philosophy at Gerling is to turn your designs and ideas into a reality which is consistent with the latest standards in technology.  With a focus on the future, Gerling endeavors to keep pace with the latest standards and requirements in the industry in order to improve existing designs through innovation.


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