Manual Brazing Device for Cutters GLHF

Gerling manual brazing machines offer exact tip placement in a precise, repeatable manner. Their simple, intuitive design leads to quick familiarization and ease of use for the operator. The Manual Brazing Device for Cutters GLHF offers the following features:

  • Innovative machine design for fast change over to different saw and carbide tip sizes.
  • Carbide tips are brazed centred to the saw body with high precision.
  • The high frequency heating system allows brazing joints with repeatable quality.
  • The temperature controlled brazing and annealing cycle allows brazing joints with supreme quality.
  • Quick familiarization with the Manual Brazing Device for Cutters GLHF, easy to handle.
  • Ideal for small batches and samples.
  • Ideal for saw blade repair.
Manual Brazing Device for Cutters GLHF

Manual Brazing Device for Cutters GLHF

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  • Manual insertion of the carbide at the cutter
  • Short set-up time for different cutter dimensions
  • Short learning curve and ease of use


  • Cutter diameter: 100 - 350 mm
  • Milling width: 5 - 120 mm
  • RF power: 12 kW

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