Real-Time-Analyser (RTA)


Real-Time-Analyser (RTA)

Real-Time-Analyser (RTA)

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The Real-Time-Analyser (RTA) is a system for professional tool analyzation coupled with a high quality optical measuring unit. Due to its modular design it is suitable for analyzing the most diverse tools. With the RTA everything that fits under the magnifier can be analyzed and it is thus a versatile all-rounder - designed for daily application at the (grinding) machine.



The RTA system is always equipped with a high-quality optic as well as high-performance visualisation and measuring software.

The features of the optics:

  • High resolution for razor-sharp and detailed images
  • Incredible magnifying range (20x up to 200x, infinitely variable) for analyses to micro ranges
  • Integrated glare filter for optimal illumination and contrasts
  • Perfect images with all types of cutting material regardless of whether applied for carbide, HSS or diamond. A very special feature.
  • Automatic magnification transfer for even faster measuring processes (available with the Advanced variant)

The features of the visualizing and measuring software:

  • Measuring everything that the optics can capture:
    Lengths, radii, diameters, circles, arches, angles
  • Subsequent measuring possible: Take a photo now, analyze later, as soon as time permits.
  • Creating measuring logs
  • Save, print, file. Can be sent by E-mail.
  • Commentary feature
  • Paste your text and comment the results and findings.
  • Superimposing of images. Applied to check whether two images are congruent.
  • Video feature



Measuring possibilities on a circular saw blade

With the Real-Time-Analyser it is, among other things, possible to measure:


• Saw body thickness

Angles: hook angle, back clearance angle, side clearance angle

Tooth dimensions: tip height, tip thickness, high-low-difference

Off-centre grinding

Bevels: width, length, offset 

Radii (e.g. llets or gullet radii on the face side)

By means of our optional „Microscope for large free working distances“ you can also measure angles, which require a front view on the tooth face. These are, for example:

Radial clearance angle
Bevel angle (e.g. to determine the slope of ATB teeth) 



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