Machine Tool Services

At HMT, we understand that the selection and purchase of machinery is only half of a successful transaction.  The other half is dependent upon the provision of exceptional support and service. That is why we provide our customers with superior support and service before, during and after their purchase. This practice provides critical added value to your installation. It's what sets us apart.

We are proud to represent Gerling Automation, Loroch - Vollmer and Elite Filtration Systems.  These companies are the global leaders of high quality, technologically-advanced machinery used for the manufacture of industrial saws and saw blades. Whether you are adding new equipment to automate or expand your line, or replacing existing equipment, HMT can provide a solution to your manufacturing challenge.

The support and service provided by HMT is key to a successful installation and we are committed to offering world-class support for each customer. Our services include:

  • On-site evaluation - We will visit your facility and meet with your staff to understand your application and production requirements.
  • Product recommendation - We will work with your staff to recommend equipment that will meet your exact requirements based on your current setup. We can also offer recommendations of products to seamlessly integrate into your company's expansion efforts.
  • Installation and commissioning - Our factory-trained technicians will work with your staff during installation and commissioning. We can assist your staff while they perform the installation, or we can provide the full installation for you.
  • Training - Our technicians will train your staff to operate the equipment so that you get optimal performance from your machinery. In addition to standard training, we also offer refresher training when needed.
  • Preventative maintenance - Our factory-trained technicians will maintain your equipment to keep it running at peak performance levels. This regular maintenance will prevent downtime and reduced performance from your machinery.
  • Service - Our staff is committed to providing each customer with fast, reliable service. If your machinery needs repair, our factory-trained technicians will troubleshoot and perform on-site repairs to get you back into production as quickly as possible. Most of our service requests are solved within 24 hours.

We offer expert rebuilding and reconditioning for Gerling, Loroch, Vollmer and Schmidt Tempo machinery. Through our extensive rebuilding process we return your machine in "like-new" condition, with a six month warranty, for roughly half the price of a new machine. 

HMT is proud of the products we carry and the superior support and service we offer our clients. We partner with our clients to deliver a combination of quality and performance that meets or exceeds your expectations. Call today to see how we can solve your manufacturing challenges.