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Since our founding in 2000, HMT Machine Tools, Inc. has been North America’s premier supplier of the world’s finest machinery for the service and manufacture of circular saw blades for the wood, stone, paper, and metal working industries.  

New machine tools supplied by HMT include Gerling brazing machinery, saw blade grinding machinery, polishers, tensioners, shot-blasters, laser markers, and quality control systems.  We offer Loroch circular saw sharpening machinery, bandsaw sharpening machinery, and inspection equipment as well as ELITE filtering and cooling systems and sharpening machinery. We are also proud to offer the Real-Time-Analyser by AKE.

HMT also offers certified machine rebuilds and reconditioning, used machines, and a variety of other services. Please browse through our complete product and service offerings and allow us the chance to meet your unique requirements. 



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