Saw Grinding Machinery GRSS

The automatic strobe saw grinding machine GRSS is a machine with a quick conversion for different saw dimensions with high grinding precision.

  • Settings are programed via the machine controller
  • Industrial PC with touch screen and machine operation with WINDOWS interface
  • Grinding programs are stored





Automatic Strobe Saw Grinding Machine GRSS

Automatic Strobe Saw Grinding Machine GRSS

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  • The saw is optically pre-aligned to the programmed carbide.
  • The saw is moved to the grinding postion and indexed against a mechanical stop.
  • The saw is clamped between 2 clamping jaws.
  • The carbide is ground simultaneously on both sides (different grinding cycles are possible).
  • After grinding, the saw is indexed to the next grinding position.


  • Grinding unit with 2 grinding wheels
  • The placement- and feeder - movement is via servo motors
  • Servo motor X-Y positioning unit of the saw blade
  • Machine enclosure with mist extraction
  • Operating interface for parameter input and process display 
  • Industrial machine control


  • Diameter of saw blades: 120/740/1400 mm
  • Carbide Angle: -15 to +15 degrees
  • Carbide Length: 22-100 mm
  • Machine dimension (LxWxH): 2200x1200x2500 mm

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