TCT Circular Saw Sharpening


Elite AFILAmaq MD

Elite AFILAmaq MD

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Automatic and economic carbide tipped circular saw sharpening machine.  

ELITE MD is our automatic and compact machine for sharpening carbide tipped circular saws. The MD allows you to sharpen all geometries of the top and face of the tooth in circular saws from 4" to 25.5" diameter. Automatic sharpening is possible by programming a LCD panel that allows for infinent adjustment of the grinding speed. In addition, it is possible to relieve the steel body behind the tip. 


  • Automatic and precise carbide tipped circular saw sharpening
  • An efficient and fast top and face grinder
  • All tooth forms can be sharpened
  • Its extremely easy use which makes it suitable for both professionals and beginners
  • Its design enables low maintenance


  • LCD Display with very easy programming system
  • Saw blade diameters from 4" to 25.5"
  • Top and face grinding
  • Angle sharpening, both positives and negatives
  • Diamond grinding wheel included
  • Face profile straight or with angle.  Optionally hollow teeth
  • Top profiles flat, alternate, trapezoidal and all combinations
  • Tooth pitch up to 4"
  • Coolant system.  Includes tray, coolant, tank and pump.
  • Hollow tooth sharpening with high speed spindle of 18.000 RPM (optional)
  • Dimensions 35" x 59" x 55"
  • Weight 551 lbs.

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