Loroch Machinery

Loroch machinery

Loroch GmbH was originally founded in Heidelberg in 1899 as a craft business. Since then, Loroch has developed into a modern, efficient and worldwide operating industrial company that is regarded as “the specialist for saw blade sharpening.”

Loroch produces sophisticated machines for the grinding of saw blades and band saws (HSS, segmental, solid carbide, hot and friction saw blades). They offer a wide variety of products that range from simple manual machines to fully automatic service centers. Loroch has a machine available for every operational field.

Per their philosophy of "Innovation for grinding techniques," Loroch is permanently pursuing new developments. To ensure this, new machine types and variations are presented at international fairs and are brought into the market. Through constant contact with its customers and consistent communication with operators, Loroch remains steadfast in its continuous development of its sharpening machines.

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